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U.S. Customs

Pre-Clearance Requirements

Any aircraft that is leaving the U.S. Virgin Islands for the United States or Puerto Rico are considered to be international (arriving from a foreign area) and are required to furnish a notice of intended arrival. When an aircraft that is inspected by CBP in the U.S. Virgin Islands arrives in the United States, it is considered to be pre-cleared. However, the aircraft commander (pilot in command) must be able to provide evidence of the inspection to CBP on arrival.

Pre-clearance is an option and not a requirement. If you elect not to pre-clear in the U.S. Virgin Islands, you have to stop at the port-of-entry (unless you are part of the over-flight program). If you elect to pre-clear, it allows you to return to the United States as if you were arriving from a domestic port. However, you must arrive at an airport with CBP facilities located on the field. This requirement may be waived if there is no CBP facility located on the field by the authorizing CBP office.

Requirements (AAF representative can take care of all notifications and documentations needed)

  • U.S. registered aircraft
  • 2 Hour Notice of departure
  • 3 copies of the General Declaration Form
  • 3 copies of the Private Aircraft Form 178
  • 3 copies of the PIC’s License and Medical Certificate
  • 3 copies of the Aircraft Registration
  • Customs Declaration Form (CBP Form 6059B) for both crew and passengers
  • Hours of operations are between 1200Z to 2100Z (0800L – 1700L)


No eAPIS is needed for pre-clearance.

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